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Get a Workout Partner


Working out solo can get lonely. Not to mention, it’s a little too easy to skip the gym when you’re not feeling motivated. However, having a workout partner by your side will help you stick with your fitness goals and make exercise much more enjoyable.

If you’ve made it a goal to get more active this year, you might want to consider finding a workout partner to help you stay on track.

Benefits of a workout partner

More fun. This might be the most obvious benefit. Working out with a pertner is definitely more fun. You’ll have someone to encourage you, laugh with you, and help boost your confidence. The more fun your workouts are, the more you’ll  look forward to them.

Competition. Sometimes there’s no better motivator than a bit of friendly competition. For example, running side by side with your workout partner might keep you running faster and longer in an effort to keep up. The friendly competition from your workout partner can help you perform better and put in more effort.

Someone to talk to. Working out with a buddy can double as a therapy session. Having someone to exercise with and talk to about your fitness journey can help you de-stress even more than you would from a solo trip to the gym.

It’s safer. Whether you’re hitting the gym or an outdoor running trail, it’s always safer to workout with a buddy. Workout partners can spot you while lifting or assist you with your form.

More variety. Having a workout partner is an excellent way to discover different fitness classes and exercises. Sometimes it can be difficult to venture off on your own and try out unfamiliar machines or sign up for a new fitness class. Having someone with different fitness experiences by your side will help add some variety to your normal exercise routine.

You’ll show up. A workout partner will hold you accountable – meaning you’ll be more committed to your fitness goals and schedule. If you know your friend is already at the gym or fitness class waiting for you, you’ll be a lot less likely to ditch on plans because you won’t want to disappoint them.


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