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Facts and Figures for Workplace Wellbeing

Below are figures from the most recent survey regarding workplace wellbeing and the effects it has on employees and employers. Employers able to measure workforce found: – 98% of employees are impacted by stress – 97% of employees struggle with work/life balance Reported causes of stress were: – 40% workload/hours – 34% Access to work technology outside working hours – 18% Fear of job loss – 15% Inadequate staffing Steps organisations can take to reduce employee stress: –         45% Improved manager training –         73% Flexible working options –         88% Employee Assistance Programmes   Financial costs to uk companies: –         Work related illness cost valued at £28 billion –         Average company of 1000 could save £250,00 per year –         13 million working days lost in the uk

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events I will be beginning a circuit class in Aberlady on 7th April (see classes page for details). This will usually include multi station exercises for set time limits combined with group or team exercises. Exercising to a time rather than doing x amount of repetitions allows you to decide how hard you will push yourself and makes the exercise challenging no matter what your level of fitness may be. In addition to the class, you will be able to receive benefits such as discounted Personal Training, Health Assessments and free passes for the gym and spa at the Macdonald Marine Hotel. In addition to the Aberlady classes I am also looking to begin a similar class in Haddington (Time/Place TBC). This will be an outdoor bootcamp style class but with a similar setup to the classes in Aberlady. I will also be at the North Berwick Health Fair on Saturday (March 22nd) from 10am-4pm doing mini Health Assessments with some healthy food samples and Mcdonalds Vs Fruit/Veg. There will be a mixture of Health services on show and...
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Corporate Wellness

Reports last year showed that sick days taken by company staff cost the UK economy around £29 billion, with an average of 9.1 sick days taken per staff member, double that of our US counterparts.  No doubt, a serious dent in our attempt to escape our period of recession when companies can ill afford to lose money on something which is generally preventable. With up to 75% of illnesses caused by poor lifestyles with a lack of activity and unhealthy diets, companies are now looking to invest in the health of their employees. Putting a Wellness Programme in place for staff will help to combat the rise in sick days by educating staff on nutrition and exercise both in the workplace and at home. This in turn will save the money by staff claiming less sick days, becoming more productive and becoming less susceptible to stress related illness, both physical and mental. I am currently putting in place, Wellness Programmes for companies to undertake to suit all budgets and time availability. These include Health assessments, fitness classes, corporate days, specialist...
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Quick Fix Diets and Exercise Programmes

At this time of year  quick fix diets and exercise programmes claiming false results are unfortunately in abundance. In most cases these short term ‘solutions’ set people back further in our attempt to improve our health and wellbeing  by weakening our  immune systems and lowering metabolisms. This then results in people putting on more weight than they began with and feeling lethargic, prone to diseases such as colds/flu and low in confidence. However, rather than look for a long term manageable approach it would seem that we try to look for the next quick fix to undo the damage of the last ‘diet’ or a generalised copy and paste programme made up in a marketing office, and the cycle continues. Using bias evidence these companies make millions of pounds off of our lack of education and deliberately look to confuse consumers to make nutrition and exercise appear complicated. Hence the new miracle diet that comes out every month or two promising unachievable results at great cost to your wallet, and more importantly, health. The good news is that looking after...
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Winter Newsletter

With shorter days and the drop in temperature many of us use this as a reason to go into ‘hibernation’ for a few months to avoid the cold, usually with the ‘I’ll wait till after Christmas’ mentality towards improving our health. Unfortunately, due to our lack of exercise and increase in food intake over the festive period the hill to climb in January can seem that little bit higher than you hoped. Making small, manageable changes now will go a long way to making your New Years resolutions a little easier. If you feel you aren’t active enough going on walks to begin with then gradually building up your distance will provide you with more than just a boost to your metabolism. Over the Christmas period I will be running an offer with Jen Gold from Reconnect to self which can be purchased as a voucher for someone you know looking to give their Health and Wellbeing a boost over the winter period. This will involve a full assessment and tailored training programme with myself followed by one training session...
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Haddington Circuit Class

Haddington Circuit Class My circuit class in Haddington will begin on the 29th July at 6pm, held at the football pitches next to the Scout Hall and will last 1 hour approx. The cost of an individual class will be £7 with a block of 5 classes costing £30 and a block of 10 costing £50, your first class will be free. There will be an offer on the first night of £40 for 10 sessions and a half price Personal Training session, bringing a friend along will credit you with a free class. Classes will be limited to a maximum of 10, this will ensure that I can supervise the class correctly to make it as effective as it possibly can be, to prevent you wasting your time and money. This will also allow me to focus on your technique for performing and learning new exercises.  I will run an extra class to accommodate any extra numbers. The class will be outdoors until light becomes an issue, I’ll then look to move the class indoors.

10 Tips to Keep Fit Over the Summer-Without a Gym Membership

  Setup a route that you can walk/run and try to beat your previous times. Using apps like “Runkeeper”, can keep you on track. Try to do this every second day atleast. Setup a small circuit of bodyweight exercises you can repeat through the day i.e 15 Press Ups, 15 Squats, 15 Sit Ups. Look to do this 3 or 4 times per day. Keep hydrated. Try to drink around 2 litres of water each day to maintain bodily functions Look to see if there are local outdoor classes that you can join. These are usually around £5 per session. Try to be as active as you can, keeping on the move will keep your metabolic rate high and allow you to burn more calories than you normally would Be conscious of your diet by paying attention to daily guidelines. Although more often than not the current guidelines 2000 calories (women)/2500 (men) is too high. Finding out your metabolic rate will give you a more accurate calorie guideline Try not to have carbohydrates after 7pm, this is usually a less...
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The topic of weightloss can be very confusing, with new (often wrong) ideas of how ‘weightloss’ should be targeted and the best methods on how to lose weight. Between new diets and exercise approaches it can be a little daunting trying to figure out how to get started. Even the word ‘weight’ can be a little confusing as weight is not necessarily negative, however it can cut down on a lot of jargon that is used in the fitness industry such as visceral fat/subcutaneous fat, saturated/unsaturated fats etc. The best approach in my opinion is to look at your fat percentage and find out where you stand according to your age and gender. By using this method you can measure your ‘weight’ more accurately than a traditional BMI system which can tend to be inaccurate. With all the opinions and ideas about losing fat it is best to get advice from a health professional, rather than picking up ideas from the media etc which are usually misleading and have little or no evidence behind them. Getting the correct advice on...
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