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Personal Training East Lothian

Are you wanting to start using a personal trainer or wondering if you need one? Making use of a knowledgeable PT to get you started in your exercise journey will ensure you get the maximum results from your efforts, ensuring that the exercise you are doing is appropriate to your goals and to keep you motivated along the way with newest techniques and methods of training. Whether you are just getting started and need pointed in the right direction, or an experienced gym user looking for a fresh approach to your training, a Personal Trainer is the key to making the change you want to see. I offer a free consultation and trial session to analyse your goals, fitness levels and preferences to ensure your personal training package is tailored specifically towards your goals. To book your free consultation go to

10 Tips to Keep Fit Over the Summer-Without a Gym Membership

Setup a route that you can walk/run and try to beat your previous times. Using apps like “Runkeeper”, can keep you on track. Try to do this every second day atleast. Setup a small circuit of bodyweight exercises you can repeat through the day i.e 15 Press Ups, 15 Squats, 15 Sit Ups. Look to do this 3 or 4 times per day. Keep hydrated. Try to drink around 2 litres of water each day to maintain bodily functions Look to see if there are local outdoor classes that you can join. These are usually around £5 per session. Try to be as active as you can, keeping on the move will keep your metabolic rate high and allow you to burn more calories than you normally would Be conscious of your diet by paying attention to daily guidelines. Although more often than not the current guidelines 2000 calories (women)/2500 (men) is too high. Finding out your metabolic rate will give you a more accurate calorie guideline Try not to have carbohydrates after 7pm, this is usually a less active...
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Circuit Training

  If you are looking to improve your fitness quickly, circuit training is one of your most efficient options for the time you spend. Short 30 minute circuits at a high intensity will give huge boosts to your strength and cardio-vascular fitness, and give your metabolic rate a huge boost. Completing a short circuit early in the day will raise your metabolic rate for the rest of the day aiding weight management with increased energy expenditure. These can also be easily completed with little or no equipment required and can be completed in a short space of time. Try this basic circuit next time you are in the gym, or adapt it for outdoors with sprints or other body weight exercises. Burpees – 1 minute V-Sit Crunches – 1 minute Lunges- 1 minute Step – 1 minute Press Ups – 1 minute Squats – 1 minute Row 500m – Target time under 2:30 1 min rest Repeat circuit 3 times Total Time: 27 mins approx

Time Under Tension (T.U.T)

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your weight training, having more of a focus on the TUT rule will aid in improving the return you get from your time in the gym. TUT is simply the amount of time a muscle group is under tension for in a set (10 reps at 4 secs per rep = 40 seconds. If your muscles aren’t under tension for a sufficient amount of time then the effectiveness of that exercise will be reduced. You will still need to ensure that your rep range is correct for your training purposes, the table below is a suggestion of this could be carried out. Training Goal Optimal Rep Range Optimal TUT(per set) Seconds per Rep Muscular Strength/Power 1-6 4-20 1 rep = 4-20 2 rep = 2-10 3 reps = 2-6 4 reps = 2-5 5 reps = 2-4 6 reps = 2-3 Muscle Growth 6-15 40-60 6 reps = 7-10 7 reps = 6-8 8 reps = 5-7 9 reps = 5-6 10 reps = 4-6 11 reps = 4-5 12 reps =...
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Add Some Chilli

A friend and I recently took part in the opening of the Kismot Killer Curry Restaurant in Edinburgh, a restaurant opened primarily for their signature dish which my friend had already completed. (More info here: The contest consisted of 3 rounds of curry which got ‘progressively’ hotter with the curries containing the 5 hottest chillies in the world according to Guinness Book of Records. I flew the white flag half way through the second curry (in agony) with my friend the only person to reach the third round and win the contest. This led me to look at how I could add more chillies into my diet and see what effect this would have on my training. The main compound in chillies is capsaicin which gives them their fiery taste and smell, capsaicin has been proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and has been shown to reduce cholesterol. 100g of chilli also contains 240% of your R.D.A of vitamin c which is required for your body to produce collagen to maintain your quality of skin, blood vessels and bone. 100g...
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Recent News

Archerfield Golf Club I am working in partnership with Archerfield Golf Club to deliver the ‘Fit for Life’  package (£395), to create a new approach to improving your health and wellbeing. The package includes 6 months gym use at Archerfield Golf Club and a £150 package of Personal Training and Physiotherapy to ensure that you are headed in the right direction on your health and wellbeing journey. If you are looking for a tailored approach to your health and wellbeing in a quieter gym setting it is definitely worth having a look round the gym. If you would like to arrange a tour or receive the brochure please get in touch. Total Warrior I will be working with Total Warrior to run fitness classes specifically designed for training for this event which will take place at Balgone Farm on 12/13 September 2015. These classes will be open to people from all levels of fitness and ensure that you are ready for the event. Initially there will be three classes (Haddington/Longniddry/Gullane), however I will look to expand this over the next...
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How Healthy is Your Business?

Lowering absenteeism and presenteeism levels is fundamental for effective performance of any business. However, knowing the areas in which these negative effects are stemming from can be difficult to identify, which can lead to ineffective solutions being put in place in an attempt to solve these issues. My wellbeing programmes are tailored to identify these issues through an in depth health assessment of your employees to specifically identify what areas of your business needs addressed. Areas such work related mental illness, cardio-vascular health, diet and issues with addictions such as smoking or alcohol can be identified. This method will ensure that your wellbeing initiative will be specific to the needs of your company, avoiding needless time and financial expenditure. Combined with an employee survey this will also engage the highest possible number of staff to ensure a higher return on investment for your company in my wellbeing packages. To receive an example copy of the health assessment received by each of your employees or to book a free consultation contact

Barefoot Sanctuary Clinic

Are you interested to see how healthy you are? I am running a drop in clinic and offering Health Assessments and to answer any questions you might have at the Barefoot Sanctuary in North Berwick on Fridays 2-6pm starting 6th June. If you would like to book a Health Assessment get in touch or just pop in when you are free. The Health Assessments will include; Height, Weight, Body Fat %, Peak Flow, Flexibility Test and a Lifestyle questionnaire, you can then choose from over 100 information packs to receive on a wide range of health and wellbeing topics such as exercise, stress, diet, sleep and  health conditions such as allergies. Email to book a Health Assessment Niall    

Please email us or call 07988 945 353 to arrange a free consultation and find out how we can help you.