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Get a Workout Partner

  Working out solo can get lonely. Not to mention, it’s a little too easy to skip the gym when you’re not feeling motivated. However, having a workout partner by your side will help you stick with your fitness goals and make exercise much more enjoyable. If you’ve made it a goal to get more active this year, you might want to consider finding a workout partner to help you stay on track. Benefits of a workout partner More fun. This might be the most obvious benefit. Working out with a pertner is definitely more fun. You’ll have someone to encourage you, laugh with you, and help boost your confidence. The more fun your workouts are, the more you’ll  look forward to them. Competition. Sometimes there’s no better motivator than a bit of friendly competition. For example, running side by side with your workout partner might keep you running faster and longer in an effort to keep up. The friendly competition from your workout partner can help you perform better and put in more effort. Someone to talk to. Working...
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Morning Routine

Keeping up with a healthy morning routine can make your mornings a bit easier because it gives you something to look forward to. Adopting a morning routine will help you feel more productive, less stressed, more energised, and ready to tackle the busy workday ahead of you. Use the following steps to start a healthy morning routine: No snoozing. Snoozing is one of the worst ways to start off your morning. Research has shown that hitting snooze can actually cause you to feel more tired and groggy, than you would if you got up right when your alarm went off. If you’re having difficulties breaking the bad habit, try placing your alarm clock out of arm’s reach. Stretch. After you get out of bed, do some light stretches. Stretching in the morning will help improve circulation and give you some much-needed energy. Since stretching increases the blood flow to your muscles, you’ll feel more energized both physically and mentally. Not to mention, stretching can also help prevent and decrease any soreness you might feel after a night of sleep. Meditate....
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Weights vs Cardio for Fat Loss

  When it comes to losing weight, which is more effective: cardio or weight training? A lot people think that if you want to lose fat, you should do more cardio, and that if you want to build muscle, you should lift weights. However, this is a little simplistic as weight training can be better for fat loss than cardio Short Term Firstly, this is down to the ‘afterburn’ effect you get from doing weight training, that can last for over 24-36 hours post workout. This means that when you have finished your body will be burning 10 -15 additional calories every hour, which makes a huge difference to your calorie expenditure if you’re burning an extra 3-400 calories with each session. With cardio training the ‘afterburn’ will be around 50-100 calories after a moderately intense session. To get high levels of post calorie burn through cardio, you would need to be doing much longer sessions. High intensity exercise like sprinting will give a similar effect to weight training.     Long Term With a consistent weight training plan, you...
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North Berwick Football Club

Delighted to announce that we are now working in a voluntary role alongside the coaches at North Berwick Football Club, to improve the fitness of their players and to assist the coaches in improving the physical aspects of their sessions. We will be running regular fitness sessions for the players and providing support to coaches by building in fitness work, to their training plans. We will also help the players with their own health, by advising them on how to maintain their fitness levels through exercise and nutrition. We look forward to working with the team and wish them every success for the season. Want more fitness advice? Get in touch via our contact page or on our Facebook page

Why be a Personal Trainer?

As part of our project with Healthworks, we were asked,  ‘What, How, Why’ in regards to our individual businesses. What we do, how we do it and why we do it. We use these questions in each of our sessions with our clients, to enable them to reach their goals. “ These are the training methods we need to use, these are the techniques used for each exercise and this is why we are doing it this way”   However, when we applied this to ourselves it took a little more thought. We know what we do and how we do it – Helping people to achieve their health and wellbeing goals by delivering engaging tailored 1-1 and group sessions, with on-going support to keep them motivated.   That left us with why. Why be a personal trainer?. Why do what we do?. It isn’t to be the next Richard Branson or Bill Gates. Seeing a client progress towards and reach their goals, such as losing weight, feeling fitter and making healthier life choices, feeling more confident or completing a...
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Scottish Enterprise Collaboration Award

We have been chosen as  one of this years winners of the Scottish Enterprise Collaboration award, as part of the Healthworks team. One of Scotlands leading health and wellbeing businesses Healthworks is a team of health and wellbeing businesses, working in partnership with employers to optimise their employee’s physical, psychological and personal wellbeing. Offering a range of expertise in areas from physiotherapy to dietetics, the company creates bespoke health and well-being services and solutions, with a view to identifying the risks and barriers that may prevent businesses from getting the best from their employees. Our winning video can be found here

Get the most from your resistance training (Time under Tension)

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your weight training, having more of a focus on the TUT rule will aid in improving the return you get from your time in the gym. TUT is simply the amount of time a muscle group is under tension for in a set (10 reps at 4 secs per rep = 40 seconds. If your muscles aren’t under tension for a sufficient amount of time then the effectiveness of that exercise will be reduced. You will still need to ensure that your rep range is correct for your training purposes, the table below is a suggestion of this could be carried out. Training Goal Optimal Rep Range Optimal TUT(per set) Seconds per Rep Muscular Strength/Power 1-6 4-20 1 rep = 4-20 2 rep = 2-10 3 reps = 2-6 4 reps = 2-5 5 reps = 2-4 6 reps = 2-3 Muscle Growth 6-15 40-60 6 reps = 7-10 7 reps = 6-8 8 reps = 5-7 9 reps = 5-6 10 reps = 4-6 11 reps = 4-5 12 reps =...
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Mental Health and Exercise

A recent study on the effect our mental health, has on our physical health has been released this week. The study found that 71% of respondents who have had problems with their physical health have also experienced difficulties with their mental health. The focus on the link between physical and mental wellbeing is ever growing, with there now being no doubt that, being active and leading a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on our mental health. Simply going for a walk or a short session in the gym can help, a few small changes to your lifestyle will make a big difference to your health, and much easier to stick to than any drastic changes.   We are here to get you started, by giving you the motivation and focus you need to start your fitness journey. To arrange a free consultation simply contact via email/mobile.  

Please email us or call 07988 945 353 to arrange a free consultation and find out how we can help you.